Over the wind technicians


Wind energy is developing, certainly in the province of Zeeland, as an industry. In the near future hundreds of people will find a job in an offshore wind related company. The Wind Technicians was founded due to a number of tripel helix meetings ( education, business and the province) hosted by Energy Port Zeeland. Soon it became clear that we had to join forces, eventually leading to a collaboration between different companies focusing on job mediation. All partners have their own knowledge and expertise.

As partner, The Wind Technicians are also involved in the DeltaLab of Scalda at post-secondary college (MBO) level as well as in the Centre of Expertise of HZ. Because of this partnership we are actively involved in the development of (offshore) wind energy at educational level.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for aspiring professionals interested in following the course Offshore Wind Turbine Technician. There is a great shortage of educated people, especially in the offshore wind industry. In the years to come thousands of jobs will become available. These are all new jobs and we prepare for this by offering a post-secondary college evening course level 4 Offshore Wind Turbine Technician.

This course is a close collaboration between Scalda and the industry. An assessment will be part of the selection process. Think of a short introduction about offshore wind, stories from the field, explanation about the job, education structure, study load etc. An exercise test will also be part of the assessment. If after reading this you are still interested, then you are the person (m/f) we are looking for!

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