The Windtechnicians onderdeel van Centricity24

The Windtechnicians have been part of Centricity24 since June 2019. Both companies train technicians in a market with increasing shortages of motivated professionals. The Windtechnicians do this in the on and offshore windmill construction, Centricity24 in the installation sector. With this step The Windtechnicians receive an extra impulse to further expand the expertise.

The Windtechnicians

The Windtechnicians are a young service provider in offshore employment services: training staff for both onshore and offshore wind farms. The company stems from consultations between HZ University of Applied Sciences, Scalda, Zeeland Seaports and the provincial government in

Zealand. With the Center of Expertise Delta Technology, the HZ acts as a catalyst for this project. The Windtechnicians will continue to operate under their own label from the Goes site and, for strategic reasons, will soon also be coming from newly opened sites in Velserbroek, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The daily management remains in the hands of founder Ernst-Dick Meyjes.

Own training course

For people who want to work "in the wind", The Windtechnicians have developed their own tailor-made program, which consists of online assessment, an internship, medical offshore wind inspections and a minor at MBO level compiled by Scalda in Vlissingen. After a successful first minor of 20 weeks, the first candidates obtained their diploma at the end of May.

Renewable energy

Wind energy is fully embraced as sustainable energy in our society. A fully-fledged market is rapidly emerging with employment opportunities for logistics and technical personnel. Thousands of jobs will become available to well-trained professionals, especially in the offshore wind industry in the coming years, including for the assembly and maintenance of wind turbines.


Sustainable wind energy fits in seamlessly with the mission of Centricity24, which focuses on training and seconding technical professionals for sustainable projects. Centricity24 and The Windtechnicians have the joint ambition to become the largest "wind" trainer in the Netherlands within two years.


For more information:

Ernst-Dick Meyjes, manager The Windtechnicians

06 55 723 555